Some Healthcare Companies Doing Machine Learning

In this post we briefly describe some interesting looking companies doing machine learning in the healthcare space.

Flatiron Health

Flatiron health was a startup founded in 2012, but was acquired by Roche (giant pharma) in 2018. Flatiron studies EHR data of cancer patients. From talking to some people there and looking at CVs on personal websites/linkedin, they seem to hire a lot of statistics PhDs from top schools to answer causality questions. Their website says that they aim ‘to transform the way cancer is understood and treated.’ While I don’t know the technical details of what they do, given their hiring and the fact that it’s Roche, this could involve things like getting the right drug to the right patient in order to cause desired outcomes.

Covera Health

This is a new company. As of mid-2019 they’re post series A. From their hiring page, they seem to focus on detecting radiology misclassifications using longitudinal claims data as well as medical imaging data. The founder looks like a successful serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space, while the medical team looks very strong. Their medical director did residency at UPenn, and Richard Herzog their chief medical officer is a Professor at Cornell.

Path AI

Path AI is already at series B stage, and has raised $75 million to date (source: They are working on phenotyping cancers, along with analyzing cancer image datasets. It seems that imaging for cancer will be an early focus area in healthcare.

More to come soon!

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